Colin (a_frayed_knot) wrote,

A very close family member of mine was recently stricken with breast cancer. In the interest of making a difference, I, Colin VanOsch, along with Martin VanOsch, Ryan Dumont and Jason Dumont, hereby pledge that we will shave ourselves from head to toe, publicly, at a social fundraiser being held over July long weekend, should we hit our intended pledge targets. We are currently accepting pledges, but we are still quite short of our goal, five thousand dollars each. The proceeds of this fundraiser will go towards the improvement of the Chemotherapy Ward at Bethesda Hospital in Steinbach, Manitoba, in honor of our mother, sister and aunt.

We will be providing tax receipts on request for all donations of 10 dollars or more.

There is no such thing as a 'small' donation. I trust that those who can afford to donate and consider this a worthy cause will do so, and no bad feelings to anyone who chooses not to. If you need any more information, or would like to donate, please email me at or message me on MSN, AIM (Morphine Colin), Private Message...pretty much anything.

Guarenteed will be a full gallery of before, during, and after pictures.

Also, I'm still getting information on the social. I know it's being held in Transcona and that we've received the facility as a donation. I also have been led to believe 92 Citi FM will be present at the shaving, but neither of these pieces of information are what you would say 'my department'. I'm going to try and get more specifics by tommorow, in case anybody wants to show up at what I'm sure will be a completely rocking social. But, seriously. If you have Paypal, or any way of donating, we'd really appreciate it. A small donation might not seem like much, but 1000 people donating 5 dollars is just as good as 50 people donating 100 dollars. If everyone does what they can and what they want, we're happy.

Thank you.
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